Gettin’ Wooly: Processing a Fleece in the Grease

Last month when I was at West-An Tir War in Gold Coast, Oregon, I purchased a Gotland fleece in the grease. This means it was cut off the sheep with no processing whatsoever. It was only $10 and filled up a whole pillow case. I was very excited because I’ve been experimenting with making some helmet liners based on extant ones made with all natural materials.

Royal Lineage of the Kingdom of the West

This year is the 50th anniversary of the SCA. In 1966 a group of students in Berkeley decided to have a Beltane (May Day) celebration medieval style and thus began the worldwide society that we enjoy today. As someone who is not originally from the West, I was particularly thrilled to be able to celebrate the […]

14th Century Headware: St. Brigitta’s Cap

It’s been just about a year since I made my first medieval dress for myself, a Gothic fitted gown out of dark teal linen. Now it’s practically the only dress I wear since it’s the most historically accurate. Here’s a picture of me and my husband at March Crown at Invocation. I’m wearing a hood […]