I’m Back!

The past couple of years have been pretty unstable for me (multiple job changes, moving, and just life in general), and I sadly neglected this little blog of mine. Now that things have (hopefully) settled down a bit for me, I want to make it a habit to start posting again.

I originally intended for this blog to be a combination of sharing what I have learned by doing different SCA projects and a sort of portfolio of the different things I’ve made. To that end, I will do a series of posts on things I’ve done while I’ve been silent here, and I’ll post new projects as they come along. Thanks for sticking around!

Gettin’ Wooly: Processing a Fleece in the Grease

Last month when I was at West-An Tir War in Gold Coast, Oregon, I purchased a Gotland fleece in the grease. This means it was cut off the sheep with no processing whatsoever. It was only $10 and filled up a whole pillow case. I was very excited because I’ve been experimenting with making some […]

Royal Lineage of the Kingdom of the West

This year is the 50th anniversary of the SCA. In 1966 a group of students in Berkeley decided to have a Beltane (May Day) celebration medieval style and thus began the worldwide society that we enjoy today. As someone who is not originally from the West, I was particularly thrilled to be able to celebrate the […]

14th Century Headware: St. Brigitta’s Cap

It’s been just about a year since I made my first medieval dress for myself, a Gothic fitted gown out of dark teal linen. Now it’s practically the only dress I wear since it’s the most historically accurate. Here’s a picture of me and my husband at March Crown at Invocation. I’m wearing a hood […]